Air/Sea Multitransportation

As a qualified commercial HK freight forwarder offering a complete range of cargo transport solutions, JIL is ideally positioned to offer services in the newly emerging air-sea freight forwarding sector. Compared with 100% sea freight distribution this ensures faster and timelier delivery of consignments and offers a cost-effective way to achieve a competitive edge. Multi-modal freight forwarding is an ideal compromise between low cost shipping distribution and speedy, but relatively expensive air transport, and is of particular benefit to small and medium sized businesses, for which we have devised special solutions at very competitive rates.

Our service operates between China and anywhere in the world and comprises sea transportation to Dubai and then onward air transfer. We are contracted with all major freight forwarding liners – EMC and Maersk for sea freight, UPS & DHL for air transportation, to name but a few. Our services guarantee minimum delays during transfer in Dubai and we are able to assure delivery to any custom airport in the world on a daily basis.

JIL have established an extensive group of export agents throughout the world and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer efficient and timely customs clearance. Our reliable and efficient agent in Dubai is highly versed in all requirements at time of transfer – unloading supervision, customs clearance and transport to the airport are all taken care of in a professional and capable manner. Final documentation is air-mailed to our export agent at the end destination ahead of cargo delivery to ensure speedy customs clearance there.

Secure packaging is particularly important during multi-modal distribution, as the consignment goes through an interim off loading stage. We offer professional, international standard packaging services that will guarantee safe, undamaged delivery. We comply with all international requirements for cargo transfer to any customs location in the world, and are comprehensively insured.









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